Taking care of your oral health!

Dental Checkups

A Healthy Smile

Regular checkups and cleaning is the key to maintaining a healthy mouth and body. Poor oral health is the leading cause of halitosis or bad breath.

Teeth cleanings, Fluoride and Sealant are just a few of our advanced diagnostics and preventative dentistry services! Sometimes it involves Dental Filling and Bonding, which are quite simple dental procedures. Usually, they do not require numbing or any kind of anesthesia applied.

Regular Checkups and cleaning can prevent periodontal disease. We offer the following periodontics treatments: prophylaxis (teeth cleaning), periodontal maintenance, root planning and scaling (non-surgical gum treatment), surgical gum treatment, crown lengthening surgery, and Ares-tin treatment.

ORAL CANCER SCREENING  The goal of oral cancer screening is to identify mouth cancer early, when there is a greater chance for a cure. Dr.Zoltek performs an examination of your mouth and neck during your dental visit to screen for oral cancers. Some additional tests may be required in the event abnormal lesions are found in your mouth. Remember the key is early detection! Regular check ups means regular screening.


Having healthy teeth, gums and tongue is one of the pillars of wellbeing. Visit either of our dentists for a first free consultation to determine which oral health help you need!