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Dr. Zoltek DMD, PA

Founded in 2006, Dr. Zoltek and her team comprises of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals.

We all have a common goal – helping you! Let us take away your pain, restore your oral health and give you a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime!
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When it comes to one's oral health, good hygiene habits and following all the routines can actually prevent most of dental care intrusions.
Teeth cleanings, Fluoride and Sealant are just a few of our advanced diagnostics and preventative dentistry services!
Oral Medicine
This type of medicine treats various oral infections

Why is dental hygiene important for children?

Preventing Disease
Dr. Zoltek strongly believes in the benefits of Pediatric dental care to ensure your child’s primary teeth stay healthy and free of decay and other dental diseases. Good oral hygiene starts as early as infancy. … This is an important part of dental care because it prevents bacteria from continuing to grow, which may eventually lead to other dental diseases and serious health risks.
 In addition to preventing tooth decay, proper dental care will also help to protect a child from becoming ill.
 Dental disease caries other oral health problems that can expose a child’s body to a range of germs from the environment.

Taking good care of your child’s oral hygiene is crucial at any age, especially if you visit your dentist less often than at least once every year.

This is why, having such an extensive range of dental services as we do, enables us to provide the best kind of help for the entire family!

Restoring Your Health

Taking care of restoring teeth in bad condition is what we specialize in.

Damaged, decayed, and missing teeth can be repaired through a variety of restorative procedures. We offer the following treatments to meet your individual dental needs: Full mouth reconstruction, white (composite/bonding) fillings, dental bridges, crowns, implants, inlays and on lays, dentures, partials, and denture repair. Also we deal with fixing any types of issues when you’ve chipped, broken or lost your teeth or damaged your gums in any way.

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Periodontics is the key to maintaining a healthy mouth and body. Poor oral health is the leading cause of halitosis or bad breath. We offer the following periodontics treatments: prophylaxis (teeth cleaning), periodontal maintenance, root planning and scaling (non-surgical gum treatment), surgical gum treatment, crown lengthening surgery, and Ares-tin treatment.

Teeth cleanings, Fluoride and Sealant are just a few of our advanced diagnostics and preventative dentistry services!

Sometimes it involves Dental Filling and Bonding, which are quite simple dental procedures. Usually, they do not require numbing or any kind of anesthesia applied.


The goal of oral cancer screening is to identify mouth cancer early, when there is a greater chance for a cure. Dr.Zoltek performs an examination of your mouth and neck during your dental visit to screen for oral cancers. Some additional tests may be required in the event abnormal lesions are found in your mouth.

Remember the key is early detection! Regular check ups means regular screening.

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For Your Comfort

  • Oral sedation, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and local anesthesia are all available to make you as comfortable as possible.
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Just For YouCosmetic Enhancements
  • We offer comprehensive smile makeovers with facial injectables including Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse, and Botox (Dysport).
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Healthy Former Patients

Dr. Zoltek and her staff consistently go above and beyond to accommodate our needs and concerns. Today I had to bring my 7 month old daughter to the office for the fitting of a crown. The office manager Claudia and dental assistant Diana made sure she was well taken care of. They even took her…

Dwight A

Dr. Zoltek is absolutely amazing! She truly cares about her patients and is a master of her craft. My family and I love her so much, that after we moved, we continued to see her. We all HAPPILY drive 3 hours both ways. You will not find a better dentist or staff anywhere else!

Lauren N

The office is professionally run, the staff friendly, and Dr. Zoltek’s communication skills, knowledge and expertise are excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend her!

Dr.Richard B

She has hands of an Angel and her staff are amazing. Love Love Love these people.

Henry M

Dr. Zoltek is just the best, in every aspect of care. She puts the patient’s needs first. The office staff is the same. I would recommend Dr. Zoltek to everyone!

Janet J

Time and money well spent, Dr Zoltek is amazingly intelligent and a gifted dentist and in my opinion one the best dentists in practice today. Caring, compassionate, extremely smart and always willing to help, she has made going to the dentist an important and very rewarding experience. The fact that she is also very sweet…

George M
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